Friday, May 01, 2009

Greek New Testament Rebound

My New Testament professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary began each class with a reading from his Greek New Testament. Listening to him interpret as he read from the Greek was an awesome experience. Two things resulted from that. One was the love of the koine Greek language the other was a desire to own a Greek text that was bound in leather like his. Like so many others mine had a red plastic cover. My search for a Greek text bound in leather began 25 years ago without success. A couple of years ago the idea came to me that I could have my red plastic text rebound in calfskin leather which is exactly what I did. My search began and ended with finding a bindery in Shawnee, Oklahoma named McSpadden Book Bindery. A short phone call and order was placed. The results are the in the following picture.
The following year I decided to have my New Testament with Psalms rebound. This was my jail bible I used in my jail ministry in Port Arthur, Texas.. I called McSpadden again, gave them the condition and they felt they could do the work. I sent them the bible and the result is below.

I seldom use the New Testament any more but the Greek New Testament is one I still use. Every time I pick it up I admire the handy work and take a whiff of the premium leather calfskin. It’s a wonderful piece of work.

If you have an interest in taking on a project like this I would recommend that you visit Mark Bertrand’s blog Bible Design and Binding. There is a lot you can learn from this site

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